Truffled Chicken Butternut Mac and Cheese

Truffled Chicken Butternut Mac and Cheese

Butternut squash Mac and Cheese with truffled chicken, garlic mushrooms and broccoli.

Serves 4 people 40 minutes preparation time 30 minutes cooking time


4 serving bowls of Rizopia Brown Rice Elbows or Penne (uncooked)
1 butternut squash (peeled and chopped)
2 tbsp coconut oil
300ml veg stock
350ml oat milk (or any other milk)
3 garlic cloves
2 tbsp greek yoghurt
1 tbsp light creamcheese/quark
1 tbsp ricotta
2 tbsp parmesan (and extra for topping)
1 tbsp truffle oil
1 cup of cooked chicken
1/2 head of broccoli florets
2 portobello mushrooms, sliced


Roast the butternut in 1 tbsp coconut oil and seasoning at 190 Celsius for 40 mins or until soft.

While that's cooking, sauté your mushrooms and broccoli in 1 tbsp coconut oil and 1 of the garlic cloves (crushed). Leave aside.

Add to a simmering pan of the veg stock, the milk and the other 2 garlic cloves (crushed) for a few mins and allow to cool. Transfer squash to a blender adding a ladle or two of the liquid, and blend with the yoghurt, creamcheese and ricotta. Add more of the liquid if it looks too thick.

Cook Rizopia brown rice elbows (or penne) to packet instructions (or just under, so it still has a bite), drain and add to a large mixing bowl with your butternut cheese sauce. Add your garlic sautéed vegetables, cooked chicken and stir in the truffle oil. Stir through 2 tbsp Parmesan (optional), transfer to a baking dish and sprinkle a little more Parmesan before baking for 30 mins at 180 Celsius. I would cover with foil for the first 20 mins!

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