What’s All The Fuss About Brown Rice?

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What’s  All The Fuss About Brown Rice?

Brown rice is one of those food staples that you might use all the time because you know it’s good for you but not really sure why! Well, here we’ll explain its many health benefits and why it deserves a place in your diet.

Brown rice is the natural, wholegrain, unrefined version of white rice and retains all of its nutritional value, offering numerous health benefits.

Eating close to Nature
It’s becoming increasingly popular nowadays to eat food that is as close as possible to how Nature intended, with processed foods being shunned. We’re finally starting to realise that Nature provides an abundance of health giving foods that offer a full range of nutrients which make for a healthy body.

This is where brown rice, a wholegrain, comes into its own.

As the name suggests, wholegrain brown rice is just that, it is the whole grain and only the outermost layer of the hull has been removed.  This part has little nutritional value and, therefore, only the nutrient rich, natural grain remains.

A Complex Carbohydrate
Wholegrain brown rice is categorised as a complex carbohydrate. These differ to simple carbohydrates which are refined sugars with little nutritional value.

Complex carbohydrates, on the other hand, are an important source of fuel, delivering fibre and valuable vitamins and minerals to the body. They take longer to break down meaning they help maintain steady blood sugar levels.

The health benefits of wholegrain brown rice
Wholegrain brown rice is packed full of healthy vitamins and minerals, offering a wealth of benefits to maintain a healthy body:

  • Fibre – brown rice is a great source of insoluble fibre which aids the digestive process. It acts like a broom, sweeping other foods through the digestive system. It, also, keeps you feeling fuller for longer and so helps to promote weight loss
  • Selenium – a trace mineral which reduces the risk of developing some common illnesses such as cancer or heart disease.
  • Manganese – helps the body synthesise fats that make the healthy type of cholesterol and benefits the nervous system.
  • Calcium – for strong bones and teeth.
  • Potassium – a vital mineral to help the body function properly. It builds muscle and aids normal body growth.
  • Magnesium – important for bone metabolism.
  • Thiamine – one of the B vitamins which helps break down fat and protein and is responsible for converting sugar into energy.
  • Naturally occurring oils are contained in wholegrain brown rice which helps to normalise cholesterol.
  • Low glycemic rating which helps reduce insulin spikes, therefore ideal for diabetics.
  • Antioxidants which delay cell damage and therefore aid in preventing diseases such as cancer.
  • The wholegrain reduces the build-up of arterial plaque which is associated with heart disease.

Amazing health benefits so who is it suitable for?
Absolutely everyone is the simple answer!

Wholegrain brown rice is naturally wheat and gluten free and, therefore, is suitable for coeliacs or those limiting their wheat intake.

 It’s a slow releasing energy complex carbohydrate which is why athletes and fitness enthusiasts rave about it for a nutritious pre or post workout meal and being a natural source of all important fibre makes it the perfect choice, too, for pretty much everyone from our children to grandparents and all those in between!

But how is it different to white rice?
Apart from the colour, there’s a vast nutritional difference between the two.

White rice has over two thirds of the nutritional value depleted during its processing (the husk, bran and germ is removed) and polishing (this gives its white shiny appearance!). In fact, so much so that food manufacturers have to introduce synthetically made vitamins back in, which they then call “enriched”!

Incorporating wholegrain brown rice into your diet
Brown rice makes a wonderful accompaniment to many dishes and can also be eaten cold in salads for lunch and even mixed with yoghurt for breakfast. But there is another option too.....

Rizopia wholegrain organic brown rice pasta
Rizopia pasta is made from only organic wholegrain brown rice and water, nothing else. With the option of seven different pasta shapes, you can add a multitude of recipes to your weekly diet, happy in the knowledge that you’re reaping the numerous health benefits of this natural wholegrain.

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