What to Eat on a Gluten-Free Diet

Posted on 16th July 2018 by Gavin in News, Nutrition. comment(s).
What to Eat on a Gluten-Free Diet

From sauces and breads to cakes and even beers, there are a lot of foods that are off the table when you’re Coeliac, or gluten intolerant.

Living a gluten-free diet can seem overwhelming at first, and can mean a lot of changes to your lifestyle, yet there are still plenty of foods you can enjoy! In fact, take a stroll through your supermarket’s fresh produce aisles, and you’ll be amazed at exactly what you can pile your plates with.

Naturally gluten-free foods include rainbows of fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as eggs, meat and fish, and all sorts of other wonderful produce. There are also plenty of delicious, healthy alternatives to your favourite gluten-based foods – you don’t need to give anything up when you know how!

Here are some of the best gluten-free alternatives to your favourite dishes:

Pasta Alternatives:

Not that we’re blowing our own trumpet, but we truly believe our gluten-free Rizopia, made from just brown rice and water, is the most delicious alternative to pasta you’ll find. Delicious in bubbling homemade lasagnes, whipped up with speedy pestos, or served with a classic Bolognese, we have all sorts of different shapes to suit your recipes. Rizopia is also available on prescription, wherever possible, and can be easily found on Amazon and Ocado, too!


Foods such as couscous contain durum wheat and aren’t suitable for anyone with a gluten sensitivity or Coeliac disease. However, there are lots of other options! You could try loading your plates with rice, protein-rich quinoa, buckwheat, millet or pulses and legumes such as lentils and beans.


There are more and more gluten-free breads on the market now – and they don’t all taste of cardboard! Our favourites include Genius bread, which comes in a variety of flavours.

Cakes and Biscuits:

While there are now all sorts of gluten-free cakes and bakes in supermarket free-from aisles, many of them are full of nasties and extra sugar. While we’re all for spoiling yourself every now and then, why not have a go at making your own?


Shockingly, many shop-bought sauces have added gluten in them. Avoid this pitfall by making your own – homemade sauces taste so delicious, too, that you’ll never look back! We love this healthier Butternut Mac and Cheese, while our Tomato and Anchovy Sauce is not to be missed!


How many of us grab a bowl of cereal in the morning before leaping into the car and dashing off to work? The problem is, many cereals contain gluten. However, don’t fret! Try cooking up some gluten-free oats instead, if you can tolerate them, or make a homemade granola mix. You could also try experimenting – we love quinoa porridge, as well as porridge created with rice flakes, or millet flakes. We also love switching puffed wheat for puffed rice or amaranth and add lots of omega-rich seeds or some nuts to keep it nice and crunchy.

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“Thanks for sending me the gluten free spaghetti. I tried it last night and thought it was delicious. Good texture and the flavor was really nice. The pasta will definitely be going on my prescription.” Camilla Hadcock, Preston.

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