How to Stay Healthy on Holiday

Posted on 28th June 2018 by Gavin in Nutrition. comment(s).
How to Stay Healthy on Holiday

Now that we’ve crept towards July, the joy of the summer holiday season is well and truly upon us. And, if you’re anything like Rizopia HQ, then you’ll already be counting down the days until you hit those biscuit-coloured sands and azure seas. Preferably with a cocktail or two in hand…

Yet, even the holidays come with their downsides. Firstly, there’s the frazzled and frantic days of washing clothes and packing (and unpacking!) before you jet off. Then, there’s the dashing around, trying to get all your travel miniatures and security bags sorted, and checking your passports are still in date. And, of course, the beauty appointments to squeeze in…

Plus, if you like to maintain a healthy diet and exercise regime throughout the year, how do you keep it up while on holiday?

While holidays are never the time for deprivation (go on, have that gelato!), it’s easy to strike a balance, when you know how. Here are our top tips for staying healthy while on holiday:

Enjoy It!

First up, and perhaps most importantly, don’t be too hard on yourself, and take healthy living with a pinch of salt when you’re away – those memories are precious, and holidays are for living! So, while we’re not saying you should eat your hotel’s entire dessert table, if you want an ice cream or a cocktail, go for it! Holidays are ideal for embracing the 80/20 rule (or perhaps even 70/30!) by enjoying a healthy diet the majority of the time, but letting yourself have treats and cocktails, too.


Pack Ahead:

Let’s face it, airports can be the trickiest of places when it comes to healthy eating. Wilted packaged sandwich, anyone…? If you find this a problem, come prepared with your own healthy snacks. We love to pack homemade energy balls or protein bars, ready for a quick and healthy energy boost.



Once you arrive, it can be easy to simply dash off, ready to explore your destination’s touristy hotspots. Yet, take a moment and simply relax and breathe! If you have a stressful life and you’re often feeling exhausted, then allow yourself some rest, and even catch up on sleep! Holidays are perfect for giving your body time to recover and recharge, so factor in a few lazy days around the pool, or even in your room.


Get Moving:

If you find yourself missing your gym while holiday, then don’t sweat it – there are plenty of ways to stay active! You could go for a hike or long walk to explore your destination, take a plunge in those glistening seas or pool, or even try your hand at something new – we love to surf and wind surf while we’re away.


Drink Up:

If you’re in a sunnier resort, then it’s more important than ever to stay hydrated and to drink up! While we should aim to drink at least two litres of water a day, we should be drinking even more in hot weather, so always reach for some water when you feel thirsty. If you’re caring for kids, make sure you encourage them to drink up, too. You can also boost hydration levels with water foods, such as cucumber and watermelon.


Soak It Up:

While you’re away, embrace that sunshine! The sun’s Vitamin D is crucial for a healthy, happy body and can give us stronger bones and a stronger immune system, too. For this reason, aim to spend some time in the sun – it’s good for you! However, a word of warning: try to do this outside of the sun’s strongest rays (from 11am to 3pm), and you only need to spend 15 minutes a day without sunscreen to get your dosage. Please wear a good-quality, strong SPF - ideally 30 or above - the rest of the time!

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