How to Spring Clean Your Diet

Posted on 18th May 2018 by Gavin in News, Nutrition. comment(s).
How to Spring Clean Your Diet

Spring is the perfect time to turn over a new leaf, to make a fresh start. Plus, with summer lingering just around the corner, how many of us are already thinking ahead to toned and tight bodies for the beach?

Each spring, we love to set about cleansing our bodies, from the inside and out. Spring-cleaning your tums is a great way to help flatten bellies, improve digestion and even get that skin glowing. Want to know more? Here’s how you can get spring cleaning:

Pile up those beets

Beautiful, vibrant beetroot is one of nature’s greatest detoxifiers. Full of a special antioxidant called betalains, they can help to flush out any toxins by repairing and regenerating cells in the liver, AKA the body’s detox HQ.

Drink up!

We don’t need to remind you that water is good for us, for so many reasons. To flatten those tums, to boost energy and to give youthful, healthy skin, make sure you’re getting at least eight glasses of filtered water each day. Better yet, add a squidge of lemon juice for an ultra detox boost!

Go bananas

Water retention can be a pain if you want a tight tum. Yet, fret not, the humble banana can be your saviour – studies show that eating the fruit twice a day before meals can reduce bloating by up to 50%! Why? This is partly thanks to their high potassium levels – potassium can ease water retention – while bananas also boost bloat-fighting bacteria in the stomach.

Eat fermented foods

Fermented foods, such as kimchi and sauerkraut, are wonderful at helping us to get a lovely, flat tum. You see, fermented foods help us to restore the good bacteria in our digestive system, which can aid digestion, improve bowel health and boost immunity.

Body brush

Dry body brushing is a great, cheap way to boost circulation and can even flush out waste via the lymphatic system. Want to know more? Simply buy a natural body brush, then ease the brush across the skin (preferably just before a shower or bath) in gentle, circular upward motions. It couldn’t be easier… H

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