How to Sleep Better During a Heatwave

Posted on 27th June 2018 by Gavin in News. comment(s).
How to Sleep Better During a Heatwave

As the sun finally starts to sizzle, we’re all for embracing the warmer weather and – at last -the summer! From al fresco dining to endless ice creams, and even Yoga in the garden, the hotter temperatures offer up an almost different quality of life.

 Yet, for those of us who aren’t blessed with air con, the summer sun does bring about one little glitch: poor sleep.

If you’ve recently been tossing and turning into the early hours, kicking off thin sheets and still feeling sweaty, you’ll know our pain. The summer isn’t always good for our sleep. Yet, with these handy tips, you’ll soon learn how to stay cool at night – and enjoy some quality sleep, no matter what the temperature outside.


Here is our guide on getting better sleep during summer heatwaves:


Black Out

Prevention is key, so embrace the ways of the Mediterranean and keep your windows (or, at least, those facing the sun) and curtains closed during the day to stop the sunlight from entering your room. Just before you head to bed, open your windows to allow a breeze.


Ditch Alcohol

However tempting it may be to reach for the cocktails at those BBQs, try to avoid drinking too much alcohol during the summer. Drinking too much can lead to disturbed sleep, while alcohol also dehydrates and affects body temperature. Stick to cool water to stay hydrated and keep that body temperature way down.


Eat Little and Often

Eating smaller, lighter meals at regular intervals throughout the day can keep your metabolism on an even keel. This helps to stop your body from working overtime and “overheating”, which can keep you awake at night. We especially love to up our hydrating foods during the summer – think cucumber, watermelon, lettuce, celery and juicy tomatoes.


Stick With Cotton

While it may be tempting to strip off and sleep commando, cotton PJs can help with air circulation, and also encourages your skin to breathe. Skip any silk or polyester sheets, too –cotton bed linen is lightweight and helps with airflow around your bedroom.


Freeze Your Sheets

If you’re really struggling, then try this tip: freeze your bed sheets or pillow cases! Yes, really! Although, we don’t recommend leaving them in for too long…just a few minutes in the freezer before bed could be enough to help your body temperature reduce and let you drift off.



We like to keep a spray bottle of cool water next to our beds to reach for when it gets really sticky. Spraying yourself a few times can help to lower your body temperature, and leave you feeling cool and refreshed. For a twist, try spritzing cooled peppermint tea!


Cool Your Toes

Before you slide under your sheets, try soaking your feet and wrists in some cool water. This will help to keep your body feeling cooler, while it will also lower that temperature. You could also try a cool or lukewarm shower or bath.


Swap Beds

Remember, heat rises, so consider moving your bed to a place downstairs if it gets truly unbearable! And, if that doesn’t work…



Try investing in a good-quality, silent fan. They really do make all the difference!

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