How to Get Kids to Eat Right

Posted on 17th March 2014 by Sam in Kids Food. comment(s).
How to Get Kids to Eat Right

How to Get Kids to Eat Right 

Anyone with kids will know that getting them to eat healthily can be Mission: Impossible. 

From sneaking their 5-a-day to the dog and bluntly refusing your lovingly cooked meals, ensuring they get the right nutrition can be more challenging than running the country. 

Yet however much you struggle, it’s important to try and give children a balanced diet - full of fruit and veg, good fats, dairy and wholegrains - to set them up for life. 

Why Do Children Need Wholegrains? 

As parents know from sky-high clothing bills and jeans constantly too-short in the legs, kids are always, always growing. Because of this, they need to eat plenty of wholegrains as part of their healthy diet. 

Unlike with simple, processed carbs (think of your white pastas and breads, which have little nutritional value) wholegrains are crucial to a child’s eating plan. Getting them started on healthy eating habits will also set them up for life, helping them to develop a preference for those foods throughout adulthood. 

So, why pick wholegrains? Well, you see, it’s quite simple really. Wholegrains are rich in fibre, which will help keep digestive systems ticking along nicely and will keep rumbling bellies feeling fuller for longer. A diet high in fibre is also crucial to eliminating bad cholesterols and is even thought to ward off heart disease. 

If your kids are always on the go and tearing through playgrounds, riding bikes and rolling down hills, then wholegrains also happen to be a fantastic source of energy and will give them their fuel for the day. They help the body to release energy slowly and more efficiently, meaning your kids will stay alert throughout school hours and will be able to hit their swimming or gym classes without flagging later. 

As if that weren’t enough, wholegrains are also jam-packed with vitamins and minerals which are crucial to growth and development. Several B vitamins (including thiamin, riboflavin, niacin, and folate) and minerals (iron, magnesium, and selenium) are all commonly found in these types of food, which each playing a key role in your child’s development. 

Types of Wholegrain 

Perfect for fussy tastebuds, wholegrains come in an array of shapes, sizes and tastes. You can take your pick from several varieties, including brown rice, oats, barley, buckwheat, quinoa, spelt, and millet. If you’re loading up your weekly shop at the supermarket, you can also pick them up as whole grain pasta, whole grain cereal and whole grain tortillas or bread. 

Wholegrains for Tricky Tastebuds 

So, what if you’ve tried everything and they still refuse to eat their grains? Well, there are always a few simple tricks to try. 

Our favourite method is to make food fun. Not only can you do this by inviting your children into the kitchen to cook with you – yep, even let them create a chaos of mess if they want! – but you can also make dishes look fun and pleasing to the eye. 

As well as styling your food into fun shapes (think wholegrain pancakes cut into animals, or boiled eggs shaped as googly monster eyes), you can also try our award-winning Rizopia Fantasia Brown Rice Pasta Shapes.  

Full of novelty shapes (18, to be precise, so they’ll never get bored at mealtimes!), these little shapes will have them enjoying dinner with huge, beaming smiles – and what parent wouldn’t want to see that? Made with brown rice, it’s gluten-free and packed with all the health benefits of our favourite grains – there are no nasties in sight. 

For a mealtime dish your little ones will love, why not try serving it up with our very own Mac and Cheese recipe, or food process as many veggies as you like to incorporate into a healthy spag bol they won’t even realise they’re eating. 

Good luck!

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