How to Create a Healthier BBQ

Posted on 17th May 2018 by Gavin in News, Nutrition. comment(s).
How to Create a Healthier BBQ

Who doesn’t love a good barbecue? With irresistible food, the smell of incredible culinary delights wafting through the air, and the lure of good conversation and laughter, a BBQ is the perfect summer night’s remedy.

However, if you want to let your hair down but don’t want to ditch the diet, there are ways to enjoy a healthier BBQ.

Here are our top five tips for enjoying a healthy dinner:

Bring a Healthy Dish

If you’ve been invited to someone else’s BBQ, then why not bring a dish that you know is good for you? You could try dishing up a healthy pasta salad, making fresh and healthy dips such as hummus and guacamole, or even experiment with a nutritious raw dessert for pud.

Watch Your Portions

When there are endless food on offer, it’s easy to go back for seconds – and thirds! Try to only eat until you’re full, and don’t pile your plate too high. It’s also important to fill half your dish with veggies and salad wherever you can!

Enjoy the Lean Protein

Grilled meat is a fantastic food to enjoy if you’re watching what you eat, so enjoy it while you can! Of course, it’s best to opt for leaner proteins, so go for chicken, or even fat-reduced burgers. If you fancy your red meat, try opting for grass-fed wherever possible. Grass-fed meat is richer in nutrients and CLA, a known fat loss-boosting compound.

Step Away From the Condiments

While they may be delicious, store-bought condiments set enticingly on the table also happen to be full of sugar and added nasties. Try making your own if you can or, if not, flavour your food with natural spices and herbs instead.

Throw Some Veggies on the Grill

Veggies taste incredible when grilled – far better than when raw or boiled. We love throwing slices of red pepper or onions onto the BBQ for a delicious, healthy alternative to meat, or as a simple way to top up your plate. You could also try adding chunks of vegetables onto skewers for delicious kebabs!

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