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20 years ago the daughter of our founder was diagnosed with Coeliac disease.  At the time there was an extremely limited choice of gluten-free pasta available and to find a gluten-free alternative to the pasta dishes she actually wanted to eat was near impossible, making it difficult for her to enjoy her food.

“Healthy shouldn’t mean unappetising”
Our founder looked everywhere but all he could find was a very limited selection of foods that were either difficult to cook, slimy, teeth-breaking or bad tasting.  He was not prepared to accept it – and nor was his daughter.  He looked further afield and one day discovered a wonderful family business in Canada.

“Pasta made with care and attention”
This business had the most impressive premises and working practices he had ever seen.  This, coupled with their commitment to producing a premium food product for people with specific dietary needs, excited him.  He watched how they ground up whole grain brown rice in their state of the art machines, steamed it, extruded the goodness, made the pasta and dried it ready for use.  No bleaching, no additives, and no over-refining of any kind.  All the goodness had been retained. 

“Great tasting, organic, gluten-free pasta”
He tasted the final product and that was it.  He was sold. This pasta had to be brought to the UK and Europe!

“Award-winning health food”
10 years on and Rizopia pasta is so well respected it has won prestigious ‘Free From’ food awards and is now also available, on prescription, through the NHS as a health product.

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“Thank you so much for my free packet of Rizopia Gluten Pasta, I have tried it and its lovely, it was so nice I had it two days on the trot. I will be recommending it to all my family and friends as I think its so much better for you, even if you are not on a gluten free diet, much nicer for the stomach.” Chris Kelly, Hertford.

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