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Research has shown that non-organic rice can contain varying levels of arsenic, which over time can cause toxicity problems in the body resulting in disease and ill health.  Whilst investigations continue, we’d rather stick with using 100% organic brown rice in our fine pasta for extra safety and peace of mind.

“Organically grown, free from chemicals”

Organic foods are grown with much lower agricultural chemicals than non-organic foods.  Rizopia is an all-natural product and that means from the ground it grows in, through production and onto you, it’s free from nasties.

“Pure, honest food with no nasties”

Organic means no nasty additives, preservatives, colourants or flavourings too.  Rizopia is free from all.  We only add water to the rice to enable us to turn it into pasta.

If you would like to try the great taste of organic Rizopia pasta, get in touch.

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